About Us

We are a traditional producer of Czech non-woven textiles. We build on the long history of North Bohemian production. We specialize in the production of textiles for cleaning, automotive linings and upholstery. With only 25 employees, we are a smaller, but more innovative producer. The company was acquired by the current owners under the name CHLUM-TEX in 2004. In the year 2007, Aratex® was copyrighted by CHLUM-TEX as a new production method. At the beginning of 2013, we became an LLC with main exports to the European Union, North Africa and the Mediterranean.

The production method, Aratex®, applies to: domestic and industrial cleaning, internal automotive linings, and upholstery: filtration materials, material for shoes, inner linings, and textiles for training police dogs. Further uses for the Aratex® method, include inflammable and waterproof blankets.